5 Traits of Successful Real Estate Investors in Florida

We’re identifying traits shared among the most successful real estate investors to help you focus your efforts and follow their lead to the highest possible investment returns. While continuing education is integral to successful real estate investing, keeping on top of laws and other changes in the industry that can affect transactions, book knowledge is not enough. 

Successful real estate investors take calculated risks using trusted formulas and the latest technology, working as efficiently as possible to save time and money while avoiding the pitfalls that derail other investors. If you would like to follow in their footsteps, read on as we explore five traits of successful real estate investors in Florida.


Failures are an expensive lesson, and one of the traits of successful real estate investors in Florida is their tenacity to remain standing despite any obstacles they face. In addition, their dedication and focus on the task at hand help them persevere when others would give up. Professional buyers like those at CORE Capital have a proven track record of investments and want to help investors like you bypass the expensive lessons they have learned.


Successful real estate investors in Florida understand the 5 P’s; proper planning prevents poor performance. These pros don’t just jump into an investment based on a good feeling about a property, they run the numbers and compare the available investments to ensure that they select the one that will bring the highest possible return for each dollar. In addition, professional buyers like those at CORE Capital are experts at maintaining a balanced portfolio through the phases of the market and sudden upheavals that can catch less successful investors off guard.

Market Knowledge

Successful real estate investors in Florida understand when to enter an investment and when to enact their exit strategy based on broad and local real estate market trends and changes that affect their holdings. From changes in the supply and the demand for housing that drive the market to federal laws affecting tax benefits or recognizing signs of a neighborhood undergoing revitalization, real estate investments require a dedicated professional attitude toward keeping your finger on the market’s pulse. Professional buyers like those at CORE Capital know the Florida real estate market intimately, 


Understanding the importance of open lines of communication within a team that functions like a well-oiled machine is another trait of successful real estate investors in Florida. Years of networking among like-minded investors and professionals in the real estate industry provide these successful investors well. Likewise, building a team of investor-minded contractors and professionals to support their efforts pays off by pulling the most potential out of an investment opportunity. Professional buyers like those at CORE Capital built their careers investing in Florida, and when you work with them, you will have the best team in the business backing your investments.

CORE Capital

If you want to learn the traits of successful real estate investors in Florida firsthand, working with professional buyers at CORE Capital is the right move for you. The seasoned pros at CORE Capital are passionate about helping other investors succeed and more than willing to teach new investors the ropes or help experienced investors learn about new niches. So talk to one of our professional buyers at CORE Capital about your investment goals and find the difference it makes working with local investors in Florida for yourself. From locating and assessing potential investments to partial or full property management services, the team at CORE Capital makes investing easy. And don’t forget to ask about our steadily updated inventory of the best investment properties available in Florida today. Call CORE Capital at (561) 584-8008.

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