The strength of CORE Capital’s Consulting practice is helping entrepreneurs and business owners’ accelerate the growth of their business in today’s environment.  Today’s business environment is changing at an unprecedented rate.  What worked last year may not work this year.  CORE has experience working in and working with a broad range of businesses.  It is this accumulated business history along with our “Entrepreneurial Core Competencies” that make us a valuable partner because we understand the challenges your business is facing and we can assist.  Our group also has very specific experience running companies, financing companies and most importantly growing companies in today’s environment through “unique” sales and marketing tactics.

  • Recognizing Opportunity
  • Assessing Opportunity
  • Creative Problem-solving
  • Leveraging Resources
  • Guerrilla Marketing Skills
  • Mitigating and Managing Risk
  • Planning When Nothing Exists
  • Innovation—Developing Ideas that Work
  • Building and Managing Social Networks
  • The Ability to Maintain Focus Yet Adapt
  • Implementation of Something Novel or New

The essence of Business Consulting practice is to help our clients obtain the information and advice needed to solve problems and grow their business.  Our advisory team can promptly assess and understand client company specifications, evaluate possible problem solutions and provide the client-company with the best solution.

CORE Capital Business Consulting focuses on providing the following services for:

  • Business Startup
  • Business Development
  • Business Growth
  • Entrepreneur Coaching
  • CORE “Business Accelerator”

CORE Capital’s Business Consulting practice is the catalyst that will accelerate your business’ growth and is committed to the success of your business.  Please contact us for more information.